How to Print Edible Images and Put Them on Your Cake?


Putting edible images on a cake is an excellent way to create a professional personalized touch for any occasion. These images are great to add impressive decorations to your cake.

Moreover, you can also use them on cookies, cupcakes, fondant, chocolate, as well as other dessert items. In this article, we will talk about applying an edible image to a cake. It may be hard for some people.

What are Edible Images?

They are the process of creating images or pre-printing it using edible food coloring. This method uses a special food-safe printer to transfer this edible food coloring to edible paper.

You can use them on cakes, cookies, as well as other pastries. You can use a standard printer to print edible paper. Also, you can use an inkjet printer.

How to Get the Edible Images off the Back Sheet

Some people find it hard to remove the image off the back sheet. You will want the image to be in an airtight sealed bag until you use it. If it is too hot or humid, the icing sugar can react to its environment.

Therefore, it will be harder to remove. The image can break if the room is cool or frigid. You should pop the sheet for about 30 seconds. It is the simplest way to remove an icing sheet with ease.

You should keep the sheet in a bag to avoid any moisture or water getting on to edible images.

How to Print an Edible Image

If you want to create a cake with printed pictures on it, you may think about creating edible photographs right in your comfort. It requires some specialty objects. You can buy these items from a large craft store.

It is essential to remove the ink cartridges currently in your printer. When printing an edible image in white and black, it is essential to take out the color cartridge. Then, insert the cartridge into your printer.

When choosing the edible ink, you need to look for the right size for your printer. After removing the paper from your printer, you need to insert the printer paper.

Then, open the computer as well as open up the printed image on the paper. Choose the file, and click print. Now, your edible images are going to print on the paper with the edible ink.

What can you put an Edible Image on?

You can use edible images on different frosting selections, such as Swiss meringue, buttercream, fondant, Italian buttercream, non-dairy topping, whipped cream, chocolate, ganache, as well as ice cream cakes.


No matter where you are in the cake decorating, you will want to put edible images on your cakes in some situations. Like being said that, it is a great way to create professional personalized touch for any occasion.

Now, you know how to print edible images and put them on your cake. We hope this post is helpful to you, and you can try it for your next cake project.

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