11 The Best Wall Mount For 85 Inch Tv For Your Money In 2022


There are a few things to consider when purchasing a wall mount for your 85 inch tv. The first is the size of the mount. Make sure to measure the width and height of your tv, as well as the distance from the wall to the back of the tv. The second is the weight capacity of the mount. Most mounts can support up to 125 pounds, but it's always best to check to be sure. The third is the type of mount. Fixed mounts are permanently attached to the wall and cannot be adjusted, while tilting mounts can be tilted up or down to get the perfect viewing angle. Lastly, consider any additional features that might be helpful, such as cable management or built-in speakers. With so many options on the market, finding the best wall mount for your 85 inch tv can seem daunting. However, by keeping these factors in mind, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect mount for your home theater setup.

This ultra slim tv wall mount brackets are suitable for most 42-90 inches TVs upto 132lbs with VESA mounting holes patterns from 200x200mmto 800x600mm,fit for 16 to 24 inch wooden studs.Please check your TV VESA patterns,weight,studs spacing and possible blocked inputs before purchase.

 Space saving design allows you to save lots of space on your wall, and easy installtion makes it simple to mount your TV on wall.
 Solid wall mount bracket made from strong metal can securely hold your big screen on wall.We are so confident in the constructionsurvival and durability of this wall mount, we offer lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

 Easy installation guide included,you just need to follow the instructions carefully and finish the job within 30 minutes.

  • Echogear cares about the planet. We're planting a tree for every EGLF2 TV mount sold. Hit a snag with install? Our Minnesota-based product nerds are available 7 days a week to help out.
  • Pull your TV out 22" away from the wall and point it anywhere in the room with 130º of smooth swivel. Retracts back 2.4" from the wall for the real slim shady look.
  • Use the included drilling template & extensive hardware pack to get your TV on the wall in under 30 minutes. That'll give you plenty of time to watch Owen Wilson be a legend in Loki before going to bed.

The SANUS VLT6 offers a sleek, modern appearance that complements virtually any decor. Its low profile makes it ideal for use in tight spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc. With its smooth extension, you can install the VLT6 without having to worry about hitting walls or corners. And thanks to its open wall plate design, you can easily mount the VLT6 directly over electrical outlets for an elegant, streamlined look.

  • ✅REDUCE GLARE AND SAVE SPACE— This tilting TV wall mount for flat screens offers +5°/-15° tilt to eliminate annoying screen glare. Universal TV bracket can place your TV only 2.8" from the wall for saving space.
  • ✅SAFETY AND STABILITY— UL certified TV wall mounts features a heavy duty cold-formed steel construction. It has been strength tested to ensure security for your TV and your family.
  • ✅ UNIVERSAL TV WALL MOUNT— The tilting large TV wall mounts compatible with most of 32-85 inch TVs(,85",82",80",75",70",65",55",43",70",60",50",32",39",40",42"etc) holds up to 165LBS, with VESA size 100x100mm to 600x400mm available. This TV mount can be mounted on 8-24 " wood studs wall and concrete/brick wall.

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE TEAM - MOUNTUP strive to provide a professional before and after sales customer service. Our professional service team will solve your problem at any time.
  • MORE DURABLE & SECURE - Construction with ultra-strong, heavy-duty steel frame with dual articulating 6 support, provides maximum supports ensuring your TV stay securely in place. No matter what angle you move, your TV screen will not drifting, sagging.
  • FULL MOTION WITH TV CENTERING DESIGN - The smart function on the wall mount allows TV to shift left and right, or center the TV on wall. This TV mount can easily swivel 60°left or right at different seat position, tilt 5°up and 10°down for reducing screen glare, allow +/- 3° adjustment after mounting for perfect screen leveling. It can extend up to 23.6" and retract back to 2.8" to save your space.

  • ✤【Adjustable & Saving Space】: With dual articulating arms, tilts +5° /-15°, swivels ±45°( max swivel angle depends on your TV), +/-3°post-installation adjustment allows the perfect TV leveling. You can pull out this full motion tv wall bracket to 19.09” and retract back to 3.35".
  • ✤【TV Wall Mount Compatibility】: This sliding design TV wall mount for most 32-90 inch OLED/LED/Plasma TVs, the Max weight capacity 150 lbs, with VESA size available 200mmx100mm, 200mmx200mm, 200mmx300mm, 200mmx400mm, 300mmx200mm, 300mmx300mm, 300mmx400mm, 400mmx300mm, 400mmx400mm, 600mmx400mm.
  • ✤【Good Quality & Service Anywhere Anytime】: Our product is made of heavy duty steel by a professional TV mount factory with over 20 years’ experience. All TV mounts are designed elegantly and produced via lots of advanced automatic machines such as robot welding, etc. All of them are designed and tested as international safety standard, in order that they are delivered in good quality.

  • PERFECT-VIEW: Comfortable visibility from your sofa, kitchen table, or bath tub.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Easy to install and simple to adjust.
  • SECURE: Made with Strong, Tough, and Sturdy Steel Material.

  • Solid heavy-gauge steel construction (2.5 mm steel/ 12 gauge) Includes all screws, spacers and washers
  • Up to Vesa 1100x600 Support for most new LED, OLED, QLED Specification up to 250 lbs. Also supports 300x300,400x300, 400x400, 600x400,800x400, 800x600,....1100x600 mm.. Includes post installation leveling to make sure your TV is 100% level
  • Easy to install with 45" back plate to support up to 3 studs (most other mounts are only 24"), Supports: QN85Q950TSFXZA QN85Q900TSFXZA QN82Q800TAFXZA QN75Q900TSFXZA QN75Q800TAFXZA QN65Q900TSFXZA QN65Q800TAFXZA QN85Q90TAFXZA QN85Q80TAFXZA QN85Q70TAFXZA QN85Q60TAFXZA QN82Q70TAFXZA QN75Q90TAFXZA QN75Q80TAFXZA QN75Q70TAFXZA QN75Q60TAFXZA QN65Q90TAFXZA QN65Q80TAFXZA QN65Q70TAFXZA QN65Q60TAFXZA

  • SECURE: Made with Strong, Tough, and Sturdy Steel Material.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Easy to install and simple to adjust.
  • CONFIRMED FIT: d to Mount and fully support Samsung TV Model: QN85QN90AAFXZA.

  • 【STURDY AND SAFE DESIGN】:Tilt TV Wall mount has high standards and the high quality steel construction ensures safety. You can rest assured it will hold the weight of your TV. It also comes with a locking mechanism with quick release which easily secures your TV to the wall.
  • 【Easy and Quickly Installation】:3-step easy installation TV mount with decent instruction,wall mounts can be taken off for easy installation by one person.Comes with bubble level.Concrete Anchors available on request.And all our tv mount are not for dry wall alone installation!
  • 【Responsive Customer Service】:We have focued on producing tv wall mounts for 6 years so we are confident about the quality of our tv mounts.Still worry about input blocking? VESA compatibility? Please feel free to contact us if there is any issue and we will solve it within 24 hours.

  • Customize Your Viewing Experience - This high-quality TV wall mount can tilt +20/ -20°, and rotate +/- 3° to realize maximum viewing flexibility to achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic viewing position, eliminating glare & reducing neck and eye strain.
  • Space Saving - The product can retract down to 2.55in from the wall and extend to a maximum of 15.3in away from the wall, saving you valuable space. Designed to take up little space, this mount features a low profile design that's sleek and modern. Manage your wires with a 71in HDMI cable and 5 wire bands for a neat appearance.
  • Super Strong TV Wall Mount - ideal for most 32-85” LED/LCD/OLED/4K flat and curved TV weighing up to 132lbs, universal fit for Insignia,TCL,SAMSUNG,Toshiba,LG,Hisense,VIZIO,Pioneer,Sceptre,Philips,Sony,Panasonic,Sharp,Element and more tv, compatible for VESA 200x100 / 200x200 / 300x300 / 400x200 / 400x300 / 400x400 / 600x400mm. Please check the VESA pattern, weight, size of your TV before purchasing.NOTE:It doesn't fit the VESA 100x100 size TV.

Types of Wall Mounts

There are three types (or models) of TV mounts you can use to attach your television to a flat surface. They each serve different purposes and are suited to different situations.

Fixed TV Mount

Flat panel TVs are usually mounted using a stand which allows them to be moved from one place to another. If you want to put your flat panel TV close to the walls, we recommend using a flush mount.

Where would be an ideal place for a fixed television wall mount?

The ideal spot for this type of wall would be where the television isn't expected to move a lot; you could put a fixed mount above a fire pit or in an entertainer.

If you want to get the most out of your monitor, put the center of the screen in front of the viewers.

Tilt TV mount

TILTE TV mounts are like adjustable mounts, but they allow YOU to adjust YOUR TV vertically. The tilting can be set for SOME MODELS. However, this is rarely more than about 5 to 15 degrees. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE TILTING IS TO REDUCE GLARE.

If you want to mount your TV at an angle, then it may be helpful to use a wall bracket. This allows you to adjust the position of your TV so that its middle points towards the viewer.

Full Motion TV Mount

A full-range TV mount helps you adjust the tilt and rotation of your television in every direction so that you can get the most out of your set.

You can use these mounts for TVs up to 40 inches wide. If you want to hang larger screens, you need longer cable lengths.

Swivel Mounts

Tilt wall mount TVs are easier to set up than swivel wall mount TVs because they don't require any tools to install them. However, swivel wall mount televisions are better at providing viewers with a wider viewing angle.

They also sometimes come with an extendable arms. These arms allow you to move the television closer to you and also let you swivel larger televisions.

Ceiling mounts

Ceilings mount TVs mid air, so you don't need to attach them to walls. They look cool and are also more attractive.

These TVs come with an additional function that you won't usually see in wall mount TVs – they allow you to turn them 360°.

Finding the Ideal Location for wall mount

You can install any type of wall mount anywhere. However, there are several things that determine whether or not you get the best viewing experience.

Light matters for watching movies and TV shows. Try to avoid sunlight when watching because it can cause glare and blur images on the screen.

You should also take into account where you're mounting your TV stand. Never attach the stand directly to the walls. Be sure to screw the mounts onto the studs behind the drywalls instead. Doing so increases the stability of the unit.

What are wall studs?

Wall framing is done by attaching wooden frame members called "wallboard" (also known as Sheetrock) to the walls themselves. These boards are attached to each other with screws or nails. They're typically 14 inches wide and 4 feet high.

Cable Management

Wall mount your television by using good cable managemnt. It helps keep your house clean and also looks nice.

What are some ways I can organize my cables?

For cable management, one needs to tie cords together into bundles. One can use cable ties or cable clip to achieve this task. To hide cables, we suggest that you use cable raceway. Cable raceway is a kind of cover that attaches to the wall. You can also buy pre-painted ones.

Size and Weight of your TV

The size and weight (or lack thereof) of your TV will also play a role in determining which kind of wall mount you need. It will also impact the installation process. A crucial factor because it impacts the security of your wall mounting system.

To get an idea of the dimensions and weights of your TV, you can take a look at its manufacturer's website or look up instructions for mounting the television. You can also ask someone who has already mounted their own TV.

Once you've identified these factors, you can then choose a suitable wall mounting system. Make sure you carefully consider the type of wall mounting system you select.

TV mounting systems usually come with two capacities — one for the size and another for the weights. Make sure that the TV’S weights don’t exceed the maximum weights allowed by the system.

For example, if you're referring to the VESA specifications for your TV, you could say "the VESA specifications of your television."


A price tag is an important consideration when buying any type of TV mounting device. You don't necessarily need a pricey one, but you also don't need something that's too inexpensive.

Most people expect wall mount products to be expensive and they're usually looking for products with high quality specs. However, the price tag doesn't always reflect the quality of the product.

A larger TV requires a bigger mount. Therefore, the price increases accordingly. Fixed mounts are the bestest options. They do not provide any extra features and are the simplest type of mounts. Smaller TV mounts are bester.

Full-size TV mounts tend to be more expensive than smaller ones. So are full-size TV mounts.

If you want a stable mount for your TV, then it is best to spend more money on a better one. But you must be sure if it is worth it or not.

How do I know whether a mount is too best for me?

We highly advise that you remember this old adage: "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

Best wall mount seems like a good deal but doesn't last long. It uses best materials which decrease its cost.

You'll need to look for a new bike rack to replace your old one.

Over time, buying a best wall mount will cost you more than buying a high quality one.

You can use these tips to ensure that you don't end up with a best looking wall mount.

  • If you're going to buy a new TV stand, make sure that it comes from a reputable brand and retailer.
  • Find the price range where you aren't willing to pay too much but also aren't willing to pay so best that you feel ripped off.


We're referring here to the type of mounting bracket used for TVs. If you want to keep your television in a certain position or angle, then you may need to buy one with different mounting brackets.

You may prefer to buy a wall mount for maximum viewing enjoyment. However, if you're not sure which one suits you best, then consider buying the one with less control.

If you want to keep your TV in a static position, then you could get a wall mount which has a low profile. These mounts come in different sizes and shapes so they're ideal if you want something that doesn't take up too much space but still looks good.

To get the most out of your TV, you need to be able to tilt it up and down. With these mounts, you can easily adjust the angle of your TV.

A final option is to buy a new television set. These days, flat panel TVs are becoming increasingly popular because they consume less power and produce sharper images. However, they're not without their problems; one problem being that they require a good quality stand to keep them stable.

With these features, you can control your television to a great extent. And you can also use them to adjust some settings without having to reinstall the whole setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know whether my mount is compatible with the TV?

You can check the compatability of the mount by its vesa standards. Generally, the weight of the tv is directly related to its height. Mounts have a maxium weight and a vega pattern. See which fits your screen.

Do they all fit TVs?

Most TVs are universal. This is because they comply with VESA standards. Thus, any mount you purchase will probably be a universal mount. So, buying TV stands is easy.

Are wall mounts safe?

Yes, wall mounts can be safe. You need to ensure that you've correctly installed the required hardware. Wall mounts today also include various additional safeguards such as extra screws and metal bars.

Are TV mounts reusable?

Yes, they're reusable. If you have a broken TV and want to replace it, you just need to take off the old one and put in a new one. You don't need to buy a new wall mount.

How do I choose which wall mount to buy?

To get the most out of your new television set, you need to consider several things including the size of your TV; its specifications; the amount of tilt and swing you'd like; and the type of wall mount you'd like. Then, you can select the one that works for you.

Before mounting a television, there are several things you should consider.

The first thing you should know is if your mount can support the weight of the TV. If it can't, then you may want to consider mounting it on the walls instead of on the ceiling.

How much weight can one wall mount support?

You should always be aware of the specifications for mounting TVs, but the best way to determine if they're safe for use is by remembering that anything under 60 inches can weigh no more than 80 lbs.

Final Verdict

It's hard to get high-quality TV wall mounts. There are lots of best and poor-quality options out there. Our team has reviewed different types of wall mountings.

Through a rigorous review, we've chosen the top five best 85-inch TV wall mount options. Hopefully, this guide helps you decide which one is right for you.

With this, we conclude our article on “85-inch TV wall mount”.

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences.

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