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Having an mp3 player is a must in this day and age. They are portable, light-weight and most importantly, they allow you to listen to your music on the go. However, with so many different mp3 players on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. If you're looking for the best 64gb mp3 player, then look no further than the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is a sleek and powerful mp3 player that comes with a large 64gb of storage. This means that you can store up to 4000 songs on your iPod Touch, making it perfect for long journeys or days out. In addition to its impressive storage capacity, the iPod Touch also features a bright and crisp Retina display, as well as a powerful A8 processor. This makes it one of the most powerful mp3 players on the market and ensures that your music sounds great. Whether you're listening at home or on the move, the iPod Touch is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best 64gb mp3 player.

The AGPTEK U3 music player supports replaceable AAA batteries, recording, FM radio, expandable memory up to 64GB, support MP3/WAV format, playing mode: normal, shuffle (Random), repeat. It meets your different requirements. This product is designed for you.

The world's first 64GB large-capacity music player, the COCONISE music player, is now officially launched. This product is designed to meet the needs of people who love music, especially those who are always on the go. With the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard, the COCONISEMP3 music player supports fast and stable data transmission, ensuring that you can enjoy music even better. In addition, the COCONISMUSICPLAYER is equipped with a powerful built-in speaker, making it possible to enjoy music in stereo mode. Moreover, the COCONISTOUCHSCREEN allows you to read books while listening to music, and the voice recorder function makes it easier to record important conversations.

 With the COCONISTORMARTYPE, you can enjoy the best audio experience ever. You can choose from three different types of headphones, including the popular Sennheiser HD 201, Sony WH-1000XM4, and Bose QC35 II. And the COCONISEMPHONE is equipped with a high-quality microphone, allowing you to make calls hands-free. The COCONISETTINGS allow you to adjust the volume, change songs, and play/pause music.

 ● 64GB large capacity storage space
 ● High-resolution AMOLED screen with full-color display
 ● Built-in speaker with high fidelity sound
 ● Dual magnetics speakers

The Sony NW-ZX507/ S Walkman Hi-Res Audio is designed to deliver truly authentic sound with Hi-res Audio technology. This device features a high resolution audio player with a built-in microphone for voice recording. With a capacity of up to 64 GB, you can listen to music wherever you are.

  • FM Radio Recording: Built-in powerful audio decoding chip, providing up to 35 hours of HiFI lossless music playback, not only a music player, but also FM radio function, you can also record your favorite programs while listening to FM radio.(The radio needs to have wired headphones plugged in because the wired headphones are the antenna for the radio)
  • Recorder: There is an independent one-key recording button on the left side of MP3, Through this button, you can directly record the external sound. The operation is simple and the experience is more user-friendly, It has the same classic recording function as the recording pen. It is very suitable for meetings and learning.
  • Upgrade Bluetooth 5.2: Safuciiv MP3 Players with Bluetooth 5.2, provide faster data transfer speed and more stable connection, you can play music through Bluetooth speaker or earphones, Let the music have no delay, Enjoy the world of music.

  • 【HIFI lossless sound quality】 The lossless music player adopts professional DSP audio lC + imported DAC double decoding, which can effectively restore the real scene. The DAC hard decoding chip adopts the new WM8965 and Ti company's TPA6530 high power. Supported audio formats: MP3(8-48kHz,8-320kbps)、WMA(8-48kHz,5-384kbps,STD 8-96kHz)、WAV(8-192kHz)、APE(8-96kHz,high; 8-192kHz,fast)、FLAC(8-192kHz,LO-L10)、ACC(8-48kHz,8-320kbps,LC)、OGG(8-48kHz)、DSD 128(5.6MHz).
  • 【Portability and Service】The size of the player is: 2.2*0.6*3.5 inches, and the weight is about 176g. The small size easily slides in and out of any pocket. Perfect to carry. This product has a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and 1-year exchange service. Please feel free to contact us by email and we will reply you within 24 hours.
  • 【Large capacity + large memory】The player has a large capacity battery of 1500 mAh, which can be fully charged in 2 hours and play continuously for 25 hours. The M30 player has no built-in memory, but an additional 64GB SD card has been inserted into the player, allowing you to better manage your song files without worrying about the memory capacity.(Expandable up to 256GB)

  • 【Portable and lightweight】With only measuring 3.3*0.9*0.4 in and 33.2g weight, the slim body and lightweight weight are easy to carry, so you can easily put it into your pocket and backpack to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
  • 【HIFI Lossless Sound Quality】It adopts professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip and superb circuit optimization technology to reduce noise, ensuring high sound sampling rate and providing high quality sound. Give you the good sound you want.
  • 【12 Month Warranty】We have a professional after-sales service team. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us directly and you will get a quick response and a satisfactory response. Your satisfaction is our only pursuit.

  • ✨【More than a MP3 Player】✨Not just a simple MP3 player, it contains multiple functions to meet your multiple demands. Included with photo/video viewing, FM radio, alarm, e-book and recording functions, you can use this MP3 player with Bluetooth on different occasions like running, walking, studying, meeting. Small but mighty, it is an ideal gift to music lover, family, friends, children.
  • ✨【Built-in HD Speaker with HiFi Sound】✨The built-in HD speaker makes listening to music with earphone not your only choice. You also can play music without earphones, no longer need to bear the pain of wearing it. And with built-in high quality audio decoder chip,it can better convert the source code into the most original sound for you,leting you immerse in your music world with HiFi sound.The EQ option enabless you to create your own custom music effects.Very nice MP3 player for music lover.
  • ✨【Full Touch Screen MP3 Player】✨Designed with mirror surface, this MP3 player with Bluetooth has 2.4 inches full touch screen with protective film to prevent scratches while using. Equipped with 64GB TF card(include), you can easily transfer thousands of your favorite musics to this MP3 player. It also supports TF card expansion up to 128GB, giving you more space to save your musics or files. It supports multiple Audio formats-MP3/APE/FLAC/WMA/WAV/AAC,lets enjoy the music with this MP3 player!

  • Born for Music and Sport, Entry Hi-Fi. Supports MP3, WMA, Flac, Ape; Lossless BIG Sound; Four gorgeous colors.
  • Sync to Playlists easily by Media Monkey (for free). No more pain with iTunes or Windows media player.
  • Longtime battery time & Fast charge. 30 minute charge will work for 10 hours use. Up to 70 hours of audio playback.

  • 2000 SONGS AND MORE: 8 GB capacity and expandable up to 64GB micro SD card( not included), which allows you enjoying music up to 4000. There is no limit to the number of songs from folder option.
  • HIFI-CLASS AUDIO PLAYER: Supports music formats: MP3/WMA/OGG/APE/FLAC/WAV/AAC-LC/ACELP. Also supports FM Radio, voice recording and File browser.
  • BLUETOOTH FUNCTION: Supports Bluetooth version 2.1 and above, you can play the music through Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth mode is compatible with cars of 0000 PIN code (not with random PIN).

  • Screen Protector and Protective Silicon Case Included. User Replaceable Battery, 14hours Play Time.
  • WOLFSON WM8740 192kHz/24-bit DAC Chip.
  • Screen Protector and Protective Silicon Case, ProStudio USB Charger and Stereo Connection Cable Included. User Replaceable Battery, upto 14hours Play Time.

  • ♪-【MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.0】:Advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 is in-built in this MP3 player, supports wired and wireless earphones, car audio, external bluetooth speaker with fast and stable transmission without tangling. Enjoy your favorite music freely with bluetooth 5.0.
  • ♪-【Super Long Playing Time】: With 1500mAh battery, continuesly music playing time could be up to 90 hours. if 3 music hours per day, means one fully charge can be used for one month, which is much better than other MP3 players.
  • ♪-【Metal Body & Glass Back】: 2.4-inch HD screen with combination of touch screen and physical buttons, metal body & glass back, this MP3 player is designed at high-level for entry level use.

  • Lightweight; clips to your clothes or gear
  • 32GB capacity; stores up to 8000 songs (1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage capacity less.) (Based on 3.5 min songs @ 128kbps bitrate. Approximations: results will vary based on file attributes and other factors.)
  • Water-resistant wearable MP3 player. (IEC 60529 IPX5: Tested to withstand water flow (12.5L/min) at 3 min. Must be clean and dry before use.)

How to choose the right mp3 player for you

When you buy one of these devices paired with some of the best headphones you've got the ultimate in portable music—high quality music that you can take anywhere.

So how do you choose one? Well, you’re lucky because the market is increasingly oriented toward the audiophile (the type of person who doesn’t touch Spotify’s lossy streaming). Fierce competition means companies keep innovated. Today, ever improved sound quality; hi-res audio support; and seriously impressive built-ins DACs (digital-to-analogue converters) make already impressive players even better!

And there's style and taste to match the content, with manufacturers also competing to create products that appeal to users' senses. A fan of brutalist architecture? Check out Astell & Kern. Like something a little more colorful? See San Disk or Sony. Want something small enough to fit in your pocket? Cowon's Plenum D3 is the ideal choice - check out the full list above.

We test the best MP3 player by playing music from our own library using different devices

We test dozens of high-resolution portable MP3 players every year at Techradar, so we know exactly what to look out for when buying one.

Our job is to ensure that the player's manufacturer makes claims that are legitimate. We therefore check whether the player's claimed features match up with our own tests.

We ensure that every component has been tested thoroughly against its chief rivals before commencing our tests, so that when we state that a particular component is the best one available at the price point, you can rest assured that we've done everything we could to verify that claim.

We test the audio performance of these devices using a variety of musical genres, using wired and wireless headphones, and streaming or downloading songs from various online services, to ensure they can play anything from pounding dance tunes to quietly spoken podcasts.

We've been reviewing MP3 players since 2004. Over the course of our time reviewing these devices, we've come up with some pretty firm opinions about them. If we don't like something about an MP3 player, we're not going to recommend it.

An iPod and MP3 player are both portable music players.

A "iPod" is an MP3 player made by Apple. You'll find lots of other MP3 player models from different manufacturers too - some of them are mentioned in our guide below.

Are MP3 players worth buying?

Buying an MP3 player or smartphone may depend on what you plan to do with it. If you’re looking to stay away from your phone, check Facebook, or take work calls when you need some peace and quiet, an MP3 player or mobile device can be a good option.

Some fitness enthusiasts prefer to listen to music during workouts because they don't want to be distracted by incoming calls or text messages. They may also choose not to bring their phones into the gym because they're concerned about keeping their devices safe.

If it's an older model phone, others may not have enough storage for storing large amounts of media files, so they may want to keep them somewhere else. Some people may not want to use up their battery or mobile network bandwidth while they’re out and about.

Some MP3 players aren't suitable for everyone, but they're a good choice for others

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