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A 3 gallon pump sprayer is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks around the home, garden or farm. Whether you need to water plants, control weeds or apply pesticides, a pump sprayer can make the job much easier. However, with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. To help you make the best choice, we've compiled a list of the best 3 gallon pump sprayers on the market. We've looked at a variety of factors, including durability, capacity, portability and price. So whatever your needs, you're sure to find the perfect pump sprayer for you in our roundup.

The Smith Contractor 190217 3 Gallon Sprayer is versatile enough to tackle everything from weed control, cleaning, and fertilizing to harsh chemical applications such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. This premium, commercial grade sprayer features a pressure relief valve to help protect against accidental exposure to harmful chemicals. Its 21-inch poly wand is built for durability and includes Viton seals throughout the pump and shut-off valves for long-lasting resistance to chemicals. A pressure release valve helps keep harmful chemicals away from you before opening the tank. And it even includes five nozzles for maximum versatility: poly adjustable, Brass Adjustable, Flat Fans, Foam Applicator, and High Performance Foaming Nozzle.

The Scotts 190617 Lithium Ion Pump Zero Wheeled Sprayers are ideal for use in residential lawn care applications. This unit features a powerful lithium ion battery pack that provides up to 24 hours of run time. The Lithium Ion Battery Pack is protected by a high capacity sealed cell design that prevents moisture intrusion and protects against overcharge. A built in charging system allows you to recharge the batteries while spraying. The Lithium Ion Pump Zero wheeled sprayer includes a three gallon tank with a removable fill valve. The unit also includes a hose reel, adjustable nozzles, and a push button trigger control.

  • 🌱【3 Gallon Translucent Tank with Gallon Markings】This KIMO weed sprayer features a 3 Gallon large capacity water tank and a 4-inch wide mouth opening for easier pouring and mixing solutions. The weed killer sprayer allows you to spray for 6 hours! Besides, the translucent tank of the backpack weed sprayer with gallon markers allows you to easily see how many solutions you’re mixing in and how much is left in the tank of the weed sprayer. So that you can better arrange your spraying work.
  • 🌱【Spray in Safety】The yard sprayer is made of high-quality PE material and equipped with a Leak-proof design, which is safer to use a KIMO sprayer of that will not drip down your back. What's more, Each battery backpack sprayer comes with a 1*20V 2.0Ah KIMO battery-powered sprayer, 1*60min Fast Charger, 1*23-Inch Plastic Wand, 1*43-Inch Extension Metal Wand, 1*3 Gallon Water Tank, 3*Sprayer Nozzles, Choose KIMO electric sprayer, you need not buy any extra accessories.
  • 🌱【A Beast for All Spraying Needs】A 20 Inches plastic wand and an extra metal wand up to 43 inches, the stream of the lawn sprayer easily reaches the top of a two-story house. Expect the height of the lawn & garden sprayers it can reach, it also can protect you from harmful liquid. You will be surprised by the versatility of the power sprayer. Multiple nozzles make it ideal for cleaning, fertilizing, and applying micro-nutrient liquids to control nurseries, flowers, gardens, and orchards.

  • Pressure relief valve and comfort grip handle
  • Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
  • Sure Spray anti-clog filter

  • Easy to Use & Carry: The bowl-shaped water inlet of the garden sprayer is convenient for filling water, and the humanized handle is designed for quickly building up air pressure. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carrying.
  • Multiple Applications: Our handheld sprayer is ideal for gardening, lawn, yard, indoor and outdoor spraying needs, automotive, general cleaning, pet bathing, and many other applications. It is also suitable for disinfection.
  • Adjustable Nozzle: The premium brass nozzle can adjust the intensity of the water spray from direct injection to fine mist. This stainless steel sprayer is equipped with a flexible hose and spray stick, which helps to spray to a 26.2-32.8 ft distance.

  • Ergonomic handle for easy pumping and carrying
  • Compatible with Common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
  • Power Source Type: Manual

  • Kem-Oil - 48” chemical resistant, braided power sprayer style hose
  • Two professional style nozzles - both flat fan and cone
  • Large, comfortable poly Thrustless control valve with in-line filter

  • UV-RESISTANT TANK - Has a molded in carry handle, accurate volume markings in gallons and liters and a wide 3.9" opening with strainer.
  • EASY PUMPING - The easy pumping XP12 sprayer only takes 8 pumps to reach 45 PSI and a maximum of 85 PSI.
  • INCLUDES - A 53" reinforced chemical resistant hose, trigger valve with lock and strainer, 22" stainless steel wand with nozzle filter and adjustable nozzle makes spraying a comfortable job.

  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies
  • Manufacturer: SOLO
  • Country of manufacture: United States

  • REDUCED CHEMICAL EXPOSURE - The inline piston pump is mounted inside the tank to reduce the exposure of the operator to chemicals, is fitted with a Santoprene piston seal and designed for a minimum 1000 hour service life.
  • UV RESISTANT - The UV-resistant tank has a molded in carry handle, accurate volume markings in gallons and liters and a wide 3.9" opening with strainer.
  • EFFICIENT - Forget about constantly pumping for more water pressure. This high powered backpack sprayer only requires 8 pumps to reach 45 psi, with a maximum of 85 psi.

You need to consider several factors when choosing the best pump sprayer.

A hand-pumped sprayer consists of a 1- to 5-gallon plastic or stainless steel tank, a manual (hand) or electric (powered by batteries) pumping system, and a long wand attached to the nozzle. It has adjustable or interchangeable nozzels that allow the user to control the pattern of the spray. Hand-pumping sprayers are available in one-handled and two-handled models, backpack options, large but portable wheeled models, and even self-propelled models.

Sprayer Types

  • Backpacking sprayers: These types of sprayers have tanks that hold more liquid than hand held ones, making them easier to transport.
  • Attaches to the end of a garden hose and combines the liquid ingredients as the liquid flows out of the nozzles. Because the mixture is concentrated and there is an endless supply of liquid, this kind of sprayers is ideal for covering large surfaces.
  • A hand held spray bottle is an easy way to get rid of pests without using chemicals. It can be used for small jobs like spraying plants or for larger ones like cleaning up after pets.
  • Handheld sprayers: Handheld sprayers feature a large reservoir filled with water, which is then pumped through a hose and nozzle into the air. These types of sprayers are
  • Battery-operated sprayers: A battery-operated sprayers can replace the manual actuation of a conventional spray gun. These devices work by means of an electric motor that forces air into the reservoir to pressurize the fluid inside. They may also include a solenoid valve that allows the user to manually control the flow rate of the spray. In addition, they may come equipped with a shutoff mechanism to prevent accidental spraying.

Pump Style

Spray guns come in two basic types: those that operate with an air compressor and those that operate with a power source such as electricity or gas. Air powered sprayers require the operator to push down on a lever or button to force compressed air into the gun. When the operator releases the button or lever, the compressed air pushes the liquid through the nozzle. Electric powered sprayers use a small electric engine to create the high pressures needed to force the liquid through the nozzle; these units can also be operated remotely via radio control. Gas powered sprayers use a mixture of propane and oxygen to produce enough heat to vaporize water and propel it through the nozzle.

Size and Tank Capacity

Pumps vary in their wand lengths and tank sizes. A longer wand allows for better accuracy and control.

The size of the tanks determine how long the pump spray can run without needing a refill. For backpack sprayer, the capacity is usually between 3 and 6 gallons; for hand held sprayer, it’s usually between 1½ and 2 gallons.


To withstand the fertilizers and chemicals that come out of these pumps, most sprayers use heavy duty plastics that have wands made from brass, aluminium, or stainless steel. Some sprayers even include stainless steel tank options.

While plastic nozzles are bester than metal ones, they tend to wear out faster and break easily. Metal nozzles, however, are usually made from stronger materials and don't break down as quickly.


Since the user needs a pumping mechanism to move fertilizer through his/her garden, it is important to consider how much pressure is needed to do the job. Fertilizer comes in various forms; liquids, granules, pellets or dust. Each type requires a certain amount of force to push them out of the container. For example, if you were to pour 1 cup of dry fertilizer into your garden, you would need about 15 lbs of pressure to get it out. You can also measure the pressure of the liquid fertilizer in gallons per minute (GPM). One GPM equals one pound of pressure applied every second. So, if you had a 10 GPM hose running into your garden, you could apply about 100 lbs of pressure each second!

Handheld sprayer: Lightest (about 5 lbs), backpack sprayer: Heaviest (about 12 lbs), wheeled sprayer: Largest (about 15 lbs).


The nozzled determine the type of the aerosol and the amount of the liquid sprayed. Most aerosols come equipped with a number of nozzled that vary in size and function. Some nozzled are designed specifically for spraying foam, others are used for applying liquids. Nozzled may be adjusted to control the flow rate and the direction of the mist.


Many sprayer types are designed for various purposes, including weed management, lawn fertilizers, pest controls, and so forth. They may need to be periodically refills, cleaned, and maintained.

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